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 Digital Detox / Recovery / Rejuvenation 


Located far away from the concrete jungle, our off-grid, and eco-friendly camps provide Nature and Wilderness exploration opportunities in several ways. Leisure holidays, celebrations, yoga, meditation, recovery & rejuvenation are activities you can choose from to get the most out of simple pleasures nature has to offer. Our campsites are perfect hiatus for wilderness lovers, be it a weekend trip or long holidays. Nature camp runs tech-free retreats where mobiles are dropped and you’re encouraged to embrace mindfulness, practice yoga and gaze at the stars. An “unplugged” trip allows deepening your connection with yourself and nature. It may be one of the best perks of going on vacation.


Our camping destinations offer the chance for a digital detox by unplugging and giving the brain time to slow down, reconnect with nature and enjoy each moment for what it is.

The services we aim at providing you with the best of experiences in outdoor living with an eco-friendly approach. The camp setup follows no concrete/cement philosophy and features natural hot springs, a glacier-fed river, and exquisite forests and mountain scenery. Electricity, provided by a generator, is limited. We try everything to let you connect with your surroundings in comfort.

So come and enjoy your stay in the lap of nature, where daylight softens with warm colors swirling and blending into twilight bliss and wrap up yourself into a magical embrace. Spend your quality time in the pristine old forest, listening whispers of wind, mist clocks and let snow tells you the stories. We are committed to giving you an unforgettable holiday experience. 


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Ideal for family get together to celebrate occasions, no moment is dull at our camp. Choose from a private luxury bell tent for the family to dome tents for economic backpacking. These camps also serve the purpose of starting point for various treks and hikes in their respective valleys. Adventure activities, fun-filled indoor outdoor games, library to read and campfire every evening can be enjoyed throughout the year. Check out the camps below.


River Raga

River Raga is a hideout made to welcome nature lovers in search of total peace and perhaps, pursuing dreams of their own.

Tegdi, 8.5 km from Kasol

CiW 2.jpg


An introduction to wilderness. A place for digital detox recovery and rejuvenation. The solitude you won't find any where else. 

Kutla, 4 km hike from Tosh



per day per head
(Minimum 2 people)

Morning Tea, Breakfast




Dome tent for 2

Cabin / Bell tent for  more than 3


Guided jungle walk

(1 per day)

 4 Nights  5 Days 



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Nature camps serve various purposes for the Eco-tourism. Here are trip type as per the opportunities and pleasure nature has to offer, to the wilderness travelers.