If you listen to the depths of your heart with an open mind, you may sometimes hear that wonderful call of the wild. You may actually feel a strong primal longing to be among the mountains, the water-falls, the wilderness, the bird songs and that magical fresh air. You may suddenly feel the urge to pick up your backpack, put on your trekking boots and leave for the nearest mountains. If you have never done it before there is always a first time for everything, and your first trek is always important.

It opens or closes the doors of the mountains for you.

We help you organize your first adventure, on every step all the way and try to make your trek unforgettable. Himalayan Trekkers Club is a melting pot of experiences from various local and global travelers. We are a club of people who love and live to explore the wild. Our first love is the majestic ranges of the Himalayas.

We organise nature camps & trekking events in Himalayas, throughout the year. We are experts of our trade and we help the members of our club avail a number of benefits and discounts on their trekking activities. We send you regular updates on various trekking expeditions, help you save on your travel expenses, offer you a selection of trekking routes, arrange experienced guides and porters, provide rescue and other support systems in the wilderness and much more.



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